Dungeonbone – The Virtual Dice Roller

Dungeonbone is a dice rolling app paying homage to “Dragonbone – The Electronic Dice Wand” released in the early ’80s.

Our goal was to stay as true to the original as possible. Here is a list of some of the familiar features:
– Thumb slider selects the die type
– Pushing the button lights all of the LEDs depending on die type selected
– Releasing the button rolls the dice
– Dice results fade out after 20 seconds
– All sounds were recorded using our original Dragonbone from 1982
– You’ll find the app functions exactly the same as the original right down to the faded 00% LED.

We have added a new feature we felt was missing from the original. We call it “Recall”. Once you’ve rolled a result and the result has faded away. You can recall that result by holding down the button for 6 seconds. The LEDs will go out and upon releasing the button your last roll will be displayed.

Upcoming Features:
– Vibrate on the roll of a natural 20 and natural 100
– Persistent die selection when switching views and skins
– Persistent LEDs results when switching views and skins
– In-App purchases for future skins

Dungeon/Game Masters
This thing is awesome but does allow cheating, haha.
We suggest you:
–  Ask any players using the Dungeonbone to NOT mute their phones so you can hear them rolling (sorry players we had to fess up)
–  If you don’t believe the player rolled what they said they rolled, have them do a recall

Thank you for checking out Dungeonbone – The Virtual Dice Roller

Enjoy and happy gaming,
Your loved ones at MoonTech Studios

Dungeonbone Demo Movie